Full Mouth Rehabilitation of Geriatric/Elderly Patients


Fixed solution: opt for full mouth implants and hybrid dentures..

Removable solution: best suited in medically compromised conditions,, and is more reasonable..

Dental Laser Treatment

Types Of Laser Dentistry
Being aware of what laser dentistry is will help you better understand why dentists use it to treat patients. This type of dentistry uses a dental laser that produces narrow and efficient light beams to remove or alter the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

These types of procedures are typically less invasive than using a blade, which may be more comfortable for the patient. Often, there is less pain and bleeding when using lasers. Some patients experience a faster recovery time when compared to other methods. Since there is less pain involved during these procedures, your dentist may not even have to use anesthesia.

Hard Tissue Procedures
Cavity Detection
One procedure that you can opt to have done is cavity detection. A dental laser can detect early signs of tooth decay so that you can start taking proactive measures to preserve the tooth.

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