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    Dental Braces Treatment

    Dental Braces Treatment

    Dental braces are dental devices used to align and straighten teeth. The third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey states that 59% of children in the United States suffer from some form of malocclusion.

    What are braces?
    Braces are metal or ceramic-made nontoxic minimally irritative appliances that stick to your teeth in a particular position for a specific and brief time without damaging your teeth, gums, or jaw. Braces are used with the help of particular wires and accessories on your teeth to help and facilitate the correction of malpositioned teeth and bring them into the most harmonious, functional, and esthetic position for permanent and stable results.

    Why do You need braces?
    God has given us 32 beautiful, sturdy teeth to flaunt, smile, and eat, but we get them only once in life when we are 7 to 13 of our age. With the constant evolution of our human species from the stone age to the modern era, we have so many developmental changes and industrial changes in our li.

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